Alessandra Forte - Spain/Brazil


Workshop Theme:

1. Oriental Dance choreography and Technique
In a simple, specific and special teaching in oriental dance , we are going to learn rich and fun dance sequences, including modern details and dance dimensions without loosing its original style aspect.

Those sequences will be applied to Classical Oriental Dance choreography, offering a dual interpretation : a dynamic interpretation for the music and an authentic one for the musical instruments
Bring your veil for the dance scene entrance
2. Oriental-Flamenco Fusion dance!!


Workshop Video





Originally from Seville , Alessandra is a pioneer Belly Dancer in Southern Brazil.
Graduated from the conservatorio profesional de la danza in Madrid . Qualified in Flamenco, classical and regional Bolera School Dances from Spain and specialized in oriental dance and folklore of the Middle East.
Alessandra is a professional dancer and choreographer of belly dance with 29 years experience.
Owns the largest school specializing in oriental dance and Middle Eastern Folklore
She has worked in various countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Uruguay, Egypt and Lebanon..
Alessandra Forte worked as choreographer in one of the biggest casinos in
China - New Century Casino in Macau.



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