Annie Nganou - Belgium/Cameroon


Dance therapy for dance teacher
Are you a dance teachers?
So often, dance teachers are confronted with students who have special needs in dancing to overcome difficult life situations like after cancer, any kind of violence, mental or physical trauma, chronically illness, suffering, addictions ..etc.
Beside dance step teaching, those students need to reconnect with their bodies, to feel supported in order to overcome obstacles
This class offers for the teachers the keys that enable them to identify hidden physical and psychical trauma and how to avoid missteps and help students overcome the situation
A technique that combines oriental dance and African interpretation using the healing power of dance and the personal connection with the world ..


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Doctor in Medicine , Annie is a Faculty of Medicine Bichat’s laureate in Paris. Dancer- teacher –choreographer and dance therapist .
Founder of the Daamu Association for dance therapy that promotes therapy in dancing and conducts after cancer therapy researches with the coordination of several French medical institutions
Working in General Medicine with a holistic approach in Brussels and Paris since 2008, while leads in parallel a new therapy based on her doctoral thesis that focused on the psychic trauma through a combination of Oriental dance and an African interpretation.
Skilled in African and oriental dances, Annie studied with master teachers in France and Egypt .
As of 1993 she teaches and performs in various countries



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