Assala Ibrahim - Iraq/Germany


Workshop themes : (Level Open to all)
- El Kawliya  ( the Gypsy of Iraq dance style)
- Belad el Sham Zar or Shami Zar DanceBilad al Sham Zar . El Sham is the region of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and a part of Turkey. Many styles of Zar trance dance existed in the old days until it disappeared after Christianity and Islam. Mesopotamia civilization is 1000 years prior to Paranoiac civilization. A kind of zar dances took places as a path for purification. This trance Zar dance is of the influence of Ishtar dance temple, the ancient goddess, during Babylon Time and recently influence by the Mawlawi beliefs and techniques. Through this healing dance, the participant will experience a sense of physical and spiritual release.


Video Kawliya Dance ( Gypsy Iraqi Dance)




Assala Ibrahim is born and grown up in Iraq. She is one of the most authentic, creative and innovative oriental dance teacher and performer, travelling all over the world sharing her knowledge and dance with dancers and dance teachers.
With an immense repertoire of dance styles, Assala is trained in shaabi (Nubi, Saidi and ghawazee), classical and modern Egyptian Sharqi, Baladi, Sufi dance, Zar, Tribal Fusion, Iraqi Gypsy “El Kawliya dance”. Assala pays particular attention to dance forms that are at risk of becoming lost like Zar and El Kawliya dance. She has helped to preserve these dance forms by reintroducing them in her teachings and performances. In this she is a unique teacher, as well as a generous, supportive, kind, and encouraging presence for each individual dancer. Her recipe for success: “I fill my life with dance and my dance with life.”
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