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Competition rules
Solo- Duo- Trio- Group

If you are a good dancer, here is your chance now to show off your talents to the Middle Eastern Audience.

Gain a new reputation and boost your career!!!
Enter the competition now and Gain the title!!
Be the PRINCESS of the year



Categories EARLY BIRD Fees ( per person) Fees (per person)
SOLO 20€ 30€
DUO 15€ 20€
TRIO 10€ 15€
GROUP (4 person and up) 7€ 10€


Photo: Competition 2012 - Lebanon


- Trophy

- Hotel lodging double/pax in the upcoming Amani Oriental Festival

- Full Workshop Package at the upcoming Festival

- Dancing at the Opening night


- Medal Award

- Full Workshop Package at the upcoming Festival


- Medal Award

- Half Workshop Package at the upcoming Festival

- Free entrance to all the Festival Shows


If the WINNER is a Duo or a Trio or a Group will have a free dance choreography of Amani


*** Certificates will be delivered to all attendees !!




Please note that Rules are strictly recommended

Entry Fees : Check Package page

Entry Age: Over 18.

Dancers' categories: Solo dancer, duo, trio or a group? You will all have the chance to show off your stuff.

Music and Beats: Every Candidate or group has to provide the Festival’s organizers with 2 pieces of music- tracks (good sound quality) . These tracks are to be sent via email in Mp3 format on prior time for the organizers  . A back up CD is recommended in case of a malfunction of the original.

Types of Music: (strictly recommended)
ORIENTAL Music and Dance are the only type requested (no FUSION music, no SOLO TABLA)

Photo : Competition 2011 - Lebanon

Length of Performance and rounds: (strictly recommended)
Preliminary Round:
For Solo or Duo candidates: you will have a chance to show your choreography for around 1:30 minutes .
Trio and group competitors: you will have a chance to show your choreography for around 2:00 minutes .

Semi-Final Round:
For Solo or Duo candidates: you will have a chance to show your choreography for around 3:00 minutes.
Trio and group competitors: you will have a chance to show your choreography for around 4 minutes.

Final Round:
Five dancers will be selected for the final round . Dancers will dance on a music chosen by the jury to asset at their best dance improvisation and interpretation..

Theatrical Wardrobe:
Theatrical costumes must be compatible to the dance style (oriental, historical, popular, folk, Bedouin...) Dancers may wear dance shoes, half-soles or can dance barefoot.

During the competition, smoking, food or drinks are prohibited backstage, and are limited to designated areas.


You ask: How can I add credits do my dance? And what to avoid ?
The most important point you should always keep in mind is to give respect and dignity to your dance and to yourself. Any movements that degrade you and your dance are better to be avoided. For example:
- Big Hip circle emphasis and shoving your buttocks vulgarly when you make a big hip circle
- Shaking your breasts in an indecent manner instead of making an elegant shoulder shimmy
- Chest Rolls
- Stomach shimmies (Stomach rolls)

Whenever you have even the slightest doubt, pause and ask yourself.
"Do I accept to have people take them as presentation of my personality? Such movements like obscenely showing off my buttocks to the audience in a big hip circle and bouncing, rotating and shaking my breasts vulgarly?
"What would I think if I saw a lady making such movements without music?
"Is it allowed to demonstrate movements that are normally not respected to do in public if there are music and beats?

Such movements were added to the oriental dance vocabulary lately by dancers who would rather rely on explicit expression of their sexuality rather than the artistic quality they could have shown. To keep the high dignity of this art, we should all be careful to not give the wrong image to the public.
What we do, decides the way this respectful art evolves. Let's work together:
- to get rid of odd movements of the oriental dance vocabulary, and
- to have oriental dance develop without losing its authenticity and aesthetic.
By working hand in hand, we can change the current dance scene all over the world.


Photo : Competition 2006 - Lebanon

Photo : Competition 2005 - Lebanon


Prizes and Trophies
The Judges will announce A First Prize Winner “PRINCESSE de la danse” at the end of the competition. Second and Third place winners will be designated as well. However, all participants will receive a letter and a souvenir to take back home from the organization, recognizing the efforts made!
Please Note: For Classes Packages and Dance COMPETITION fees, please check PACKAGES PAGE  of the festival website


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