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Workshop theme : (Level Open to all)
- Old Cinema Dance Style :

EMAN ZAKI reveals the Secrets of Golden Era Age Dances and Techniques !
 " I am using old original music and talk  about the tools of each dancer and her dance style and what should going in her brain if  someone singing for her . Also as a baladi girl what are her tools on stage " , EMAN says



New Dances !!  New Styles !!!




Who is better qualified than Eman Zaki to teach you the old cinema dance secrets and details ???
She was born in an artistic family, her mother Samira Zad is one of the Golden Era Dancers in Cairo from 1946-1955 and appeared in many films of that era!
Due to her believes that preserving dance heritage is a must, Samira Zaki , Emanís mother, was a very strict dance teacher, she teaches her knowledge and techniques to her daughter Eman and pushed her to learn, ballet, Jazz and tap dance as supported disciplines, because, for Samira Zad, a dancer has to be skilled in more than one art form.
Eman started her dance career the year 1977, two years after her sister Hoda did .
The first, she performed in Syria than in Jordan, the Emirates, USA, Lebanon, Cairo, Tunisia and Germany. As she was abroad for a long time, Eman was forced to sew her own dance costumes by herself ..


Faithful to her motherís passion and will of preserving and spreading out the authentic dance techniques, especially after the chaotic state of oriental dance merging the good and the bad, Eman started teaching dance in 2008, in Cairo.

She has taught in Germany, England, France and Finland and Luxor.

Her unique take on the style of Egyptian cinema and her vast knowledge of the Egyptian dance and music scene always fascinate her students.


Eman stopped dancing in 1989 but continued to make costumes for friends. She opened a handmade accessory shop, where all was made by her. Eman travelled to Lebanon to learn tailoring and embroidery and began making evening wear.

With the growing needs for well crafted dance costumes she founded Golden Lotus in 1999.
Eleven years on her business is truly international and continues to go from strength to strength.
Her French clients call her the Coco Channel of Bellydance.



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