Fatima Serin - Turkey/Germany


Workshop theme : (Level Open to all)
- Turkish Gypsy Dance (Roman Dancein 9/8 rhytm). Authentically taught by one of a specialities Turkish bellydancer .

You will learn the typical hand and hip movements and several step combinations and musical information on the Roman Havasi.

Another Turkish Gypsy Dance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3BeQArxOuc


Video Roman Gypsy Havasi Dance (  Turkish Gypsy Dance)




Teacher, performer and choreographer. Started dancing at an early age as a member of several Turkish folklore dance groups.
Lives in Germany, she is one of the stars within the European dance community.
Her dancing style drawing from the versatile influences she's had. Apart from her experience in Turkish dances, she also has a profound education in the different Egyptian styles
She is founder and organizer of "Merhaba Dance Festival" in Germany



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