Maria Aya - Greece


Workshop theme: 1. Shaaby dance choreography : Learn the manners of an Egyptian baladi woman in dance.
Maria Aya explains that Shaabi is the living dance history of Egypt, starting from Ahmed Adaweya till today after the music revolution and dance forms that reminds hip hop of Ortega..
2. Ghawazi Dance ( Egyptian Folklore)


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Video for Maria dancing the Shaaby 




Leader and choreographer of Malema's Banat group, Maria Aya is a renowned teacher in Oriental Classical and Egyptian Folkloric dance.
Renowned for her authentic Egyptian dance soul and flavor in all her Oriental and folkloric styles, with her choreographies you travel trough all cities of Egypt . Her style as teacher and choreographer is earthy, traditional, theatrical and same time connected with the 21st Century and the West.

She have studied in Cairo with famous respected teachers.

She is continuously invited to teach and to share her knowledge in many countries like Italy, Belgium, Germany, France, Malta, Slovenia, Serbia, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, etc
Maria is a Professional International Competition Judge.
I am always happy to share her oriental knowledge with passioned people, Maria says .



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