Maya Gaorry - Brazil/Italy


Workshop Themes:


1. Egyptian classical oriental Dance technique and work on interpretation during the taksim improvisation, expression/feelings and attention in the music instruments
2. Hajjala dance choreography



 A renowned dancer-teacher of middle-eastern dance at an international level. Maya has enchanted audiences and students around the world with her elegant interpretation style of Middle East Dance.


She teaches in Europe, Africa, Asia, North, South America and Middle East at in important events like the 2 Amani Oriental Dance Festival Lebanon and Nile Group Festival Egypt.


She is of Italo-Brazilian origin and lives in Trieste, Italy, where she run her own dance school.


She is the president of Racks al Shark, an association for the promotion of middle-eastern dance and she gives a teacher training course credited by UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti).



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