Nada Chouaib - Lebanon/Andalusia


TARAB workshop description
El Tarab is an Arabic word comes from the verb Tariba ,“ be removed, rocked “
It is the higher state of soul that an audience reached when listening and enjoying a piece of music or a poem, it is the encounter of joy and sadness , as described by classical authors .
As the quintessence of the Arabic music , Tarab Style allows dancer to express her innermost and profound feelings , awakening and raising the emotional state of viewers.
In this workshop , by interpreting a classical piece of music, we will reveal the keys of this style


Workshop Video




The Spirale Technique
Developed by Nada along her expertise after observing various Lebanese and Egyptian dancers , inspired by other dances and practicing disciplines of energy like Tai Chi y Ki Kong, this technique is a method to understand and to learn oriental dance techniques .
Based on the connection of earth-sky axis and the body gravity center of the dancer , this technique allows accomplishing soft movements but potential at a time due to the global harmony of the body work that a dancer reaches


Born in Beirut from a Syrian mother and a Lebanese father
Skilled in oriental dance under the supervising of the best Lebanese, Egyptian, Italian and French master teachers. Enhanced her skills with traditional , modern dances and holistic disciplines which gave her a wider vision of body movements .
The year 1998 she founded her dance company “La Compañía Adelante” in Paris which was the path for new creation in prestigious theaters ( Institut du Monde Arabe de Paris, Theatre Greque de Roma , Theatre real de Marrakech) and in international festivals (Toulouse, Beirut, Agadir, Portugal…)
Hence, she toured European countries for dancing and teaching ( France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium) as well as Lebanon and Morocco .
Director at the oriental dance festival in Paris "Nouvelle Scène Européenne" (2008 – 2009) and main protagonist of the feature film "Pays Rêvé" for Jihane Chouaib (2012).
Moved to Jerez de la Frontera the year 2010 where she founded the association Tarab Al-Andalus in the aim of promoting Arab-Andalusian culture through artistic projects and teaching. Owns and directs her own dance school at Tarab Al-Andalus Center


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