Osama - Egypt


Workshop theme:

1. Crazy Shaaby  street dance choreography : Learn NOW the new future trend  in Elektric Shaabi street dance !
2. Egyptian Folklore : Fallahi Dance Choreography


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Video for the Crazy Electric Shaaby  with Osama




It is in the Genes !! I was born in an artistic family, my father was an Egyptian folkloric dance and I grow up following the same path as my him, Osama said.

He was affiliated to Reda Group for 4 years and later he moved to El Quawmiyak Group , to learn both most famous dance groups styles in Egyptian Folklore.
He performed in many places in Egypt, especially the touristic areas like Sharm el Shek, Hurgada, Taba, Luxur, Aswan and Cairo
The years 2003 and 2004 he won “ The best Male Folklore dancer” at the international folklore festival in Istanbul
The year 2011, he moved to Prague and started to spread out as a dance teacher through Europe . He is teaching in Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Italy. Holland, Germany Turkey, Greece and Belarus. He teachers Oriental and Egyptian Folklore

 I thank GOD for his blessed gift HE gave me, for fluidly connecting with my students and spread positive energy around me.. .Osama says



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