Sami Khoury - Lebanon


Chica Hilma from Japan wrote about Sami class in Amani Oriental Festival 2005:
....Following this COOL session, came an extra HOT workshop of Debkeh by Sami Khoury. After a short introduction and a demonstration of a few variations in steps, he ignited us with his power and made us dance Debkeh for a whole hour, in a trance. It was something similar to getting high in an aerobics class.
At the end of the class, he demonstrated Oriental dance, as a preview of his next workshop. How was it possible for such an athletic man to move with such grace? It made us squeal with delight! I was sure that the word would get around about him and that his next workshop would be full of participants.


Video Footages from dance classes at AmaniOrientalFestival




Started his dance career and choreography at age of 11. The Choreographer of  SABAH .. The MUSICAL at Beiteddine Festival 2011, and have participated as a choreographer in many other MUSICALS for RAHBANI and theatres .

He is renowned for his simplicity, versatility in dance and his Dabkeh style deeply rooted in Lebanon’s tradition ; skilled in folklore, oriental and modern dance.
Dancer, choreographer, founder of the “Hayakel” Dance Company.


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