Lebanese Simon - Lebanon/USA


Simon was born and raised in a small village in northern Lebanon.
Traveling across the U.S.A. to teach, perform and learn, he has had the privilege to study with living legends such as Amani of Lebanon, Yousry Sharif, and his Inspiring Dance Teachers Francois Rahme, Sami khoury and Mounir Malaeb.
His style of Oriental dance is described as elegant, organic and free. His style of Lebanese Folk Dabkeh is deeply rooted in the Lebanese tradition. Simon is the lead choreographer and manager for “Al AwtarZaffa” Group.





Workshop Video


He has been dancing professionally in the U.S.A. for over 6 years now, and continues to grow as an artist working on a style of his own: Simon Says : I must admit, if nothing else, I have discovered the secret of a versatile male oriental dancer who can gracefully fuse an oriental belly dance sensual style with a masculine flair.”  ”Particular to my dancing, I rarely overcrowd the movements. I give the music the space to flow, and I dance to beats and colors that attract me"


Amani Oriental Festival 2014 - Oriental Dance Workshop  

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