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Workshop Theme:
Oriental Dance Class : What every  Oriental dancer must know!!!
Analysis on “Enta Omri” of Oum Kalthoum
A bit of history, technique, combinations, choreography and interpretation







Teresa Tomás, vocational dancer, discovered oriental dance in 2003 and since then she has been continuously developping her technique.
Her dance style is vibrant, accurate and creative. In particular, her Drum Solos have earned her great success in the multiple competitions that she has won in Belgium, Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.
"Teresa gives belly dance workshops around Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, A Coruña, Granada, Cádiz, Tenerife, Málaga, Lérida, Almería, Alicante, Sevilla, Castellón, Valencia). She is yearly invited as a dance teacher to Italy  at the Congresso Internazionale Di Danza Orientali, and the Reves D´Orient Festival in Rabat each year since 2011. Taking part of the dance teachers panel in Lelah Masriya Festival since 2011, which is organized in Cairo by the international master Alaa Abo Lelah.
Teresa is a jury at several competitions in Barcelona- Spain and Rabat- Maroc
Teresa also directs her own professional company of Oriental Dance “RAKS EL HOB”, composed by twelve dancers who have recently done their new show “Wahashtini”  that combine poetry and dance.
She founded her yearly International Oriental dance Festival, called “Ya Amar”,  in Valencia, her city, with the attendance of great artists from all over Spain and Europe.
She released, couple years ago, her instructional rhythmology CD enhanced with a book derived from her own research on a topic that she is passionate about: oriental dance rhythms.
As a lecturer in oriental dance she started her carrier  the year  2012 at the Technical University of Valencia, and later in other Spanish cities like Tenerife and Barcelona.



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